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White breath

 "White breath" is a plant that grows wild in the "Shurk Forest," a forest where the legend of the witch Glinde remains.

Glinde is familiarly known as "Dream Mist Orchids."

It grows by rooting on trees and absorbing water from the trees on which it is planted.

Deep in the Shurk Forest, where white pollen flies in all seasons and an unusually large number of

”White breath” grow wild, the forest is shrouded in a deeper fog.

Glinde put a "spell" on this flower to "keep people away from the forest".

item: Earring

material: silver925

weight: about 0.5g

H×W×D: 9×9×3(mm)(flower part)

price:    ¥45 USD(tax in)

              ※Fluctuates by exchange rate

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