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​Snow mint

The scent of "snow mint" has the effect of temporarily paralyzing the nerves of the nose, and was often used as a deodorant to avoid encounters with wild animals.
Perhaps because of this background, the flowers are recited to have an amuletic effect.
When Glinde and Olivia entered the Doronea Caverns, they sprinkled perfume made from the "snowmint" flower all over their bodies.

The language of flowers is "pure love.

item: Ring

material: silver925

weight: about 9.4g(ISO 49size)

H×W×D: 11×11×3(mm)(flower parts)

stone: Iolite,White crystal

size: 45~54(ISO size)

price:    ¥145 USD(tax in)

              ※Fluctuates by exchange rate

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