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Demon's trumpet

Demon's trumpet, a native lily in the forests of the Arie Empire.

It is a plant that prefers dark places, and grows wild in abundance in the "Shurk Forest," a forest where the legend of the witch Glinde remains.

It is said that if you deeply smell the fragrance produced by the flower, you will fall into a deep sleep that will lead to death.

It is popularly known as "Devil's Cradle" by the people.

The language of flowers is "captivated forever"

item: Earring

material: silver925

weight: about 1.4g

H×W×D: 12×12×4(mm)(flower part)

stone: Amethyst, Garnet, Onyx

price:    ¥52 USD(tax in)

              ※Fluctuates by exchange rate

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