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Calling rain

Calling rain, a plant native to the forests of the Arie Empire.

It is a plant that prefers dark places, and grows wild in abundance in the "Shurk Forest," a forest where the legend of the witch Glinde remains.

It is said that the flower opens only when it rains, and was often used in ceremonies to pray for rain. It is popularly known as "rain calling flower" by people.

The language of flowers is "I will enrich your heart”

item: Ring

material: silver925

weight: about 3.6g

H×W×D: 9×9×3(mm)(flower part)

stone: Amethyst, Rhodolite Garnet, Iolite

size: 42~53(ISO size)

price:    ¥100 USD(tax in)

              ※Fluctuates by exchange rate

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