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The sound of neighing horses echoes through the forest.
On their way through the Shurk Forest to the Doronea Caverns, Olivia and Glinde encounter the legendary white horse "Shilky".
Apparently she was being chased by Lilion. However, the trees behind her had completely blocked her escape.
Perhaps she was afraid of her own power that she dared to choose to run away.
Determined, Shilky bent her head and vigorously launched herself into an attacking posture against the target.

item: Ring

material: silver925

weight: about 45g(ISO 55size)

H×W×D: 40×22×36(mm) (face part)

size: 50~60(ISO size)

price:    ¥364.50 USD(tax in)

              ※Fluctuates by exchange rate

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